Why Paleolicious?

Life is about “Makan”. Healthy food must be delicious

At Paleolicious our revolutionary concept is based around the most logical philosophy for optimal health- the Paleo Lifestyle. We aim to change the world with one delicious and nutritious meal at a time. We believe in eating as Mother Nature intended, which means plenty of plant-based food, high quality meat, seafood, eggs, fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds. We never compromise on flavour, so our food is always fast-paced, flavour-packed and brimming with nutrition.

At Paleolicious, we are genuinely passionate about helping people live happy, healthy and balanced lives, while reinforcing positive eating habits for future generations. Many diets are not tasty and for that reason, those who are determined to lose weight fail at their first hurdle due to the bad taste of the food.


We are bold, brave and dare to be different!

We believe that the Paleolicious team has started as a full-fledged business with the belief that a healthy society is better than personal profits, and that it is based on the highest quality and service to bring about the health and quality of life, we have a vision that contributes to raising and approaching various aspects of a healthy life as well as a food business, that is satisfactory to all.
Paleolicious is not exclusive to particular class, but it is the right choice everyone can share and find on their own.

Our Journey Begin

1st 100% Paleo Restaurant officially open on March 2016.

Paleolicious’s menu is as exciting as it gets! A veritable medley of mouth-watering delights marrying the best of both Western & Asia concoctions. Every item of the menu spells food magic! As appealing as they come and wholesomely tasty.

We have simple brunch dishes ranging from eggs in a crusty sweet potato nest, accompanied on the side by mashed cauliflower,  it match perfectly with pandan lemongrass tea. We serve Korean Paleo cuisine from Paleo bibimbap, with a base of grated cauliflower in place of regular rice, Paleo Sweet Potato Noodle ( Jab Chea) or Paleo Korean Spicy Chicken Califlower Rice to the Paleo Sausage Egg Muffin served with succulent chicken patty made especially in Paleolicious’ wonder kitchen. To add the extra zing, it is deliciously topped-up with zesty guacamole; and adorably sandwiched between two sunny–side egg ‘buns’ instead!

The signature superior choices on the menu are the irresistible pistachio-crusted salmon, sunshine salsa salmon & Fish En Papillote. For sure, not-to-be missed gluten-free banana pancakes.

As usual, Paleolicious takes great joy in producing the very best, memorable, extra tasty food for your palate. And that’s why……. we take that little extra time in the kitchen (for your sake) to bring out superbly fine culinary wonders to grace your table! Enjoy!

Contact Us

12, Jalan 7/36, Taman Sri Bintang, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
N 3.18705∘ E 101.64280∘
Contact No : +6011-11375029
Operation Hour : 0930 – 2130