The Paleo Raw Mooncake uses the original flavour of ingredients and are free of processed foods and preservatives. Based on this concept, Paleolicious has developed four different flavours of mooncakes for you to enjoy. Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with zero burden and delicious mooncakes.

There are many new-style mooncakes out in the market now and I think Malaysians are looking for new gifts to send for this festival. Eating Paleo, raw, vegan mooncakes, is like eating a handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruit – they are packed with good fats, have a low glycaemic index and are free of empty calories and cholesterol.

Apricot Lavender
Raw skin made of cashew butter, coconut butter, lemon juice, lemon zest, extra virgin coconut oil, maple syrup
Filling made of lavender floret, dried apricot, chopped almond, extra virgin coconut oil, almond flour.

Fruity Mocha
Raw skin made of cashew butter, almond flour, medjool dates, pure matcha powder, extra virgin coconut oil
Filling made of Prunes, organic dried cranberries, organic jumbo raisin, dried fig, shredded coconut, black tahini paste, Himalaya sea salt

Beet the Nut

Raw skin made of organic cashew nut, beetroot, coconut flour & extra virgin coconut oil
Filling made of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, hempseeds, pine nut, white sesame, medjool date and Himalaya salt.

Cacao Truffle
Raw skin made of organic cacao powder, organic golden flaxseed, extra virgin coconut oil and blask tahini paste
Filling made of organic cacao powder, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut butter, hilmalaya sea salt, organic cacao nibs

Each Paleo Mooncake is handmade, handle with passion love and care. As we wish everyone can enjoy a mooncake with families and friends.

Gift box that designed with simple and elegantly is suitable for you to buy as a gift to your love one during this festive season. Order now

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